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Clinical Trial

Participating in Clinical Research

Clinical research aims to find the best ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases and medical conditions. All clinical research is carefully planned, conducted and monitored by various federal agencies, research experts and unbiased committees. Each clinical trial or study is designed to answer specific research questions and to protect the health and well-being of the people who volunteer to participate. The data and results of clinical research impacts the healthcare of future generations. In fact, the currently available safe and effective diagnosing techniques, prevention methods and treatments underwent the clinical research process previously.

Call to Action!

Thousands of research trials and studies are currently being conducted throughout the world. These clinical trials and studies urgently need volunteers to participate. All kinds of people are needed so we can find a way to better understand, treat, prevent and cure various diseases.

Clinical Research Needs You!
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What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research studies conducted in people to determine whether treatments are safe and effective. Clinical trials and the participating volunteers help to find preventions, better treatments, cures and ways to detect diseases.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Some of the many reasons you may choose to participate are as follows; you can:

  • Make a difference by participating and help researchers learn more about multiple diseases
  • Help others, even your own family, who may be at risk for such diseases in the future
  • Receive regular monitoring by expert medical professionals
  • Test new treatments that might work better than those currently available or that did not work for you
  • Get information about support groups and other resources

Are there any other matters to consider?

There are laws and committees that protect those who participate in clinical trials. We will explain everything to you prior to you participating so you can make a fully informed decision. While you are deciding, you are encouraged to ask all questions. Also, you will be thoroughly screened to make sure you qualify for the trial.

We will make every effort to ensure your safety, but all clinical trials have some risk.

Some other matters to consider while deciding to participate in clinical trials are as follows:

  • The new treatment may not work or be better than the treatments currently available
  • You may or may not receive the new treatment (you may only receive a placebo)
  • You may or may not experience mild to severe side effects
  • You may be inconvenienced due to many medical appointments and travel to clinical trial sites
  • You are required to be accompanied by a caregiver or loved one who will be your partner in the clinical trial

If you decide to participate, you have the option to quit at any time during the study.